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The Path - A Telstra Ventures Show

Apr 7, 2021

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This week, I’m excited to welcome Jing Wang, co-founder and CEO of FinTell Financial Services, a leading independent technology provider that’s helping financial institutions adapt to the digital economy with its big‒data risk management products and solutions.

• Tell me about the company, why you started it, the problems you solve, and how you’re helping financial institutions adapt to the digital economy.

• Leadership/Management o I understand this is your first startup since you left Amex. How does your experience running a startup differ from a corporate leadership role?

o How has your professional network from your corporate days helped your startup?

o How have you grown the company to become one of the four top fintech providers in China?

o What are some of the tough decisions you’ve been faced with during your startup journey? How did you choose which path to follow?

• Funding the company: o Why did you need funding? o What is your approach to selecting the right investors? o How have investors helped you most?

• What’s next?: o What are your growth ambitions? o How have tightening regulations impacted Fintell, and how are you navigating these headwinds?

BIOGRAPHY Jing Wang is the Co‒Founder, CEO, and Board Chairman of FinTell Financial Services, a leading Chinese financial technology company that provides advanced big‒data risk management products and solutions to a variety of financial institutions and service providers. Additionally, he serves as a corporate advisor to multiple financial companies across China where he advises Chairs, CEOs, and CROs on business strategies and economic growth opportunities. Jing began his professional career in finance with American Express where he held numerous leadership roles throughout his 17 years with the company, including Senior Vice President‒Head of Enterprise Model Validation. In this role, he oversaw and was responsible for global model governance, model risk management, and independent model validation. Following American Express, Jing was the Corporate Vice President at Baidu, Inc., one of the largest search engines in China, which offers dozens of search‒based products, including map, image, video, and news tools.